Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Immigration for Business Applicants

Canada Provincial Nominee Program for business

Canada Provincial Nominee Program for business was created to meet their specific labour market and economic needs in Canada. Most Canadian provinces have entered into agreements with the federal government to determine the outcome of their own immigration problems. In recent years, Canada provincial nominee program has shown a great interest, as it has been proven to be an efficient option for many Business Applicants from all around the world.

As a business applicant, once the Canadian province (that you are applying to) has nominated you according to your specific qualifications, you will be permitted to apply for a Canadian permanent residency status with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and become a landed immigrant. You will be able to apply for Canadian Citizenship if you have prove to be physically in Canada for at least 3 years (1095 days) within the 5 years of applying. You have to know that you may still be requested to conduct a test called Canadian Citizenship Test before you are granted the citizenship. 

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