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We are specialize in all Canadian immigration and refugee programs includes immigration appeals at the Canadian immigration appeal divisions and detention hearings. We are a leading Canadian immigration firm that has licensed immigration consultants who are registered members of ICCRC (R418815) and work together with lawyers and other professionals whose goal is help you achieve success in your Canadian immigration process. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to quickly and effectively resolve any issue related to immigration to Canada.

Immigration Laws

Canada Immigration law is considered one of the most complex and complicated law in Canada and that is because it is constantly changing. This makes it hard for an average person to understand this law and understand all its regulations and policies. Let us help you apply for immigration to Canada and make it easy for you today!
Immigration Laws
The Canadian immigration laws includes the functioning of immigration all programs through which thousands of immigrants coming to Canada every year in order to obtain permanent residence.
Refugee Laws
The refugee laws in Canada include refugee protection from inside or outside Canada for all people who cannot return to their countries because of a danger threatening them from going back.
Border Laws
Border laws provide safety and security to the citizens and residents of Canada and they are applied by the Security officers of the Canadian Borders at airports and land and sea borders.

Our Practice

We can help you with all Canadian immigration and citizenship programs including appeal cases with the immigration appeal divisions in Canada. Also, we can help business people who are willing to apply for immigration to Canada. Furthermore, we provide can provide preparation of work, study and visitor visa applications from inside and outside Canada. Finally our services extended to refugees who are seeking protection from Canada whether from inside or outside Canada.

12Quebec Investor Immigrant Program is suitable for those who would like to their invest money with the Government of Quebec so they can be able to apply for permanent residence status in Canada. Those investors must have the intention to establish their life in Quebec without the need of establishing a business in Quebec. The applicant should invest CAD $800,000 with the Government of Quebec and keep it for a period of five years without getting any interest on it.

If however, you do not want to invest this big amount of money then we can help you financing this amount and that is by obtaining a load from an accredited and approved bank in Canada. The loan’s fee that the bank charges range between CAD $220,000 to CAD $240,000. This fee is non-refundable and can only be paid to the bank when you are approved by the government of Quebec.  


Licensed Consultants

The Authorized Immigration Representative is recognized by the provincial, territorial and federal governments of Canada to represent applicants in their immigration applications for a fee.

We Have Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)

This might be the first time that you plan to seek help from a Authorized immigration representative or might be not, but you have to know that the representative will help you submit your application on your behalf to the immigration authority for a fee.

The representative will also help you understand the laws and regulations surrounding your specific case and will complete and review your application prior of submission.

Furthermore, he will prepare you very well in case if you are requested to attend an interview with the immigration officials.

Hiring a representative for a fee is a good thing but you have to make sure that the following are applicable to your representative:

First, your representative should be a licensed Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC), lawyer or notarie from Quebec.

Second, your representative is competent and knowledgeable in the same type of application that you want him to represent you with. For example, if you want to apply for business immigration then it is better to hire a representative who has previous experience in business immigration applications.

Lastly, you should feel comfortable and you know that he honest and believes in your case and not solely just for collecting his professional fees.


Complete the FREE Assessment

The purpose of the immigration assessment that it will tell you what are your chances to apply for immigration to Canada at the present time.


Book a Private Consultation

After you found out that you are eligible then you can book a Private Consultation to confirm your eligibility and open a consultation file with his office.


Apply for Canada Immigration

Once you provide all required forms and supporting documents then the Consultant will apply for you with the Canadian government.

Asked Questions

The Canadian immigration programs are programs created by the Canadian immigration authority and aim to regulate the legal immigration process to Canada. All applicants should meet all the requirements for the immigration program that they are interested in applying for. For example: submitting completed application forms, supporting documents, passing the security and help examination and paying the required processing fees.

The first step to start with us is to complete the FREE assessment that suites your current circumstances which is available on our website. Once the assessment determines that you are eligible then you can book a private consultation to discuss your matter personally with a licensed immigration consultant where he will tell you how to retain him and what documents are needed from you to provide so he can submit your application on your behalf.

We have developed the FREE assessment page to replace the free consultation and some of the benefits of the assessment is that it will assess people who are interested in immigrating to Canada instantly and will inform them about their chances within 24 hours only without the need to wait for weeks or more to get a reply.

After we determined that you are qualified to apply then the next step is to book for a private consultation with a licensed immigration consultant to discuss your case with you.

The Private Consultation is the fastest way to discuss your matter directly with a licensed immigration consultant. He will open for you a consultation file and that is (after) your book a consultation on our website. Talking to the licensed consultant can be in person, on the phone or on Skype. to book a consultation then click here.

If you d have any personal questions related to your case and you would like to get the answers for those questions then you can easily book a Private Consultation with a licensed Canadian immigration consultant who has the knowledge and experience in this filed. To start booking a consultation then click here.

If you do have general questions about immigration to Canada them you can visit the frequently asked questions page and that is by clicking here.

Immigration Consultants with Best Results

Simple Research
USD $490
Research in the law for 1 hour
Conducted exclusively for you
Talk with the consultant for 30 min.
Answer all your personal questions
Provide plan to achieve your goal
Obtain accurate & clear information
Fee is counted towards total fees
Normal Research
USD $990
Research in the law for 2 hour
Conducted exclusively for you
Talk with the consultant for 1 hour
Answer all your personal questions
Provide plan to achieve your goal
Obtain accurate & clear information
Fee is counted towards total fees
Complex Research
USD $1490
Research in the law for 3 hours
Conducted exclusively for you
Talk with the consultant for 1 hours
Answer all your personal questions
Provide plan to achieve your goal
Obtain accurate & clear information
Fee is counted towards total fees
Get all the advantages

Enjoy our first

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We guarantee to you that our services will make you want to continue and hire us in your future immigration needs. Our strategy is to provide fast and quality immigration services while keeping you to focus on your life where we deal with the immigration matter on your behalf.

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