Our Canadian Immigration Services

Canada Business Visa
Applying for permanent residence by establishing a business in Canada
Canada Investor Visa
Applying for Permanent Residence by investing with the government of Quebec
Skilled Worker Visa
Applying for permanent residence in Canada for skilled workers
Spouse Sponsorship
Applying for permanent residence for the spouse of a Canadian or permanent resident
Refugees Outside Canada
Apply for Permanent Residency Visa for Refugees from outside of Canada by a Private Sponsorship
Refugee Inside Canada
Applying for Refugee Application for people who are currently inside Canada
Federal Skilled Trade
Applying for Permanent Residency based on being qualified in a skilled trade in Canada
Self-Employed Immigration
Applying for permanent residence by having experience in cultural activities or athletics or buying and managing a farm in Canada
Visitor Visa to Canada
Applying for temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter and remain in Canada temporarily
Study Permit in Canada
Applying for a study authorization to be able to study in Canada for more than 6 months
Work Permit in Canada
Applying for work permit in Canada for someone who has an approved job offer in Canada
Immigration Detention Hearing
Representing immigration detainees in their hearings with the Canadian immigration authority
Immigration Appeal in Canada
Representing persons in their immigration appeal hearings in Canada with the Canadian immigration authority
Canadian Citizenship Application
Applying for Canadian citizenship for permanent residents who meets the citizenship requierements
Visit Visa Invitations
Issuing invitations for Canadians or permanent residents of Canada who would like to invite their relatives or friends to visit Canada
Private Immigration Consultations
Providing personal immigration advice to people who wants to ask questions related to their personal circumstances.