Express Entry - Canada Federal Immigration


Express Entry System for Canada Federal Immigration

As of January 01, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs.

Those Canadian immigration programs are as follows:

Note: Express Entry is not a new immigration program but rather; it is a new way for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to manage economic immigration applications online. Also, there is no deadline to complete a profile and there are no caps on the number of candidates that will be accepted to the pool. Express Entry eliminates the requirement to process applicants in the above immigration programs through a first in, first out method.

The profiles of candidates in the pool are ranked under a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)The highest ranked candidates will be considered for an invitation to apply for permanent residence.  Candidates receiving an invitation must submit a permanent residence application within 60 days. Any Federal Skilled Worker who have experience in one of the Canada Immigration Eligible Occupations and who meet the minimum entry criteria, can submit an expression of interest profile to the Express Entry Pool. 

Anyone who is accepted into the Express Entry pool could get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will conducts draws and invites the highest ranked Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence. Rounds of invitations to invite candidates to apply will take place regularly over the course of each year. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will only pick the top ranking candidates no matter when they were accepted into the pool.

If you are invited to apply, you will have 60 days to submit a complete Application for Permanent Residence online. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) aims to process 80% of completed Express Entry applications in (6) months or less. The 6 month period begins when (CIC) confirms that a candidate has submitted a complete Permanent Residence Application.

The first round of invitations took place on the last week of January 2015.  Applicants who do not have a qualifying offer of arranged employment or a provincial or territorial nomination when completing their profile are required to register with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)’s Job Bank.