Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit

Apply for Canada Study Permit

There are over 200,000 students around the world flock to Canada every year to study. The popularity of Canada among international students can be attributed to the quality of education that the country provides. Moreover, Canada credentials are also being valued throughout the world.

If you want to pursue education in Canada, the first thing that you need to obtain is a Canada study permit. Basically, you need a Canada study visa when you wish to take up any vocational, academic, or professional education in any college and university in the country. This permit must be obtained before you arrive in the country.

When applying for a Canada study permit you must prove to the immigration officer that you:

  • Have already been accepted by a recognized Canadian college, university, or school;
  • Will abide the Canada Immigration law and all other Canadian Laws;
  • Have sufficient money to pay for you tuition fee, to return home, and to financially support your family and yourself while you are in Canada;
  • Do not have any criminal record;
  • Should be in perfectly good health; and
  • Will leave the country after finishing your Studies.

If you are planning to study for longer than 6 months in Canada then you should apply for Canada Study Permit. Applications for study permits cost $150 CAD, payable to the Government of Canada. Typical processing times for this permit will take approximately 28 days or more, and will be processed by the Canadian Embassy that is responsible on your home country or country of residence.

Additional documents may also be asked from you when you are applying for a Canada student visa including:

  • Documents that will prove your identity such as travel document and valid passport;
  • Documents that will prove that you are financially capable of supporting yourself and your family. These may include a proof of your scholarship, bank draft that is convertible in currency, and a letter from the bank where your money is deposited; and
  • Letter that confirms that you are really have been accepted in one of Canada Schools.

By meeting these requirements you will become eligible to apply for a Canada study permit. Upon completion of the application, the assigned immigration officer will then review you application and even schedule you for an interview when needed. Once approved, you will then receive a confirmation notice and (if needed) a Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Having a student visa for Canada can provide you with several benefits:

  • It will enable you stay in the country legally for a certain period of time;
  • It gives you the opportunity to have a part-time job in the campus where you are studying without work permit.
  • If you obtain off-campus Canada Work Permit then you can work for max 20 hrs per week;
  • Any dependents of yours are permitted to accompany you for the duration of your Canada Study;
  • It allows you to renew your Canada Study Permit if you want to pursue further studies; and
  • It gives you the chance to live permanently in Canada if you have succeed in being eligible to any of Canada Immigration Programs.

Aside from allowing you to study in the country, a Canada study permit opens up other opportunities for you. To speed up the process, you can consider hiring the service of an experienced Canadian immigration firm. It has the knowledge about the legal processes that need to be considered when applying for a Canada study permit.

An experienced Canadian immigration firm can even serve as your representative with the Canadian government, such as with the (Canada Visa Office at the Canadian Embassy in your country) when applying for a Canada study permit. Although it will not give your application any special attention, a Canadian immigration firm can increase your chances of achieving a student visa for Canada.

However, it is important that you hire a Canadian immigration firm that is authorized by the Canadian government such as Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada as Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canadian Embassy in your home country or country of residence will not dealing with any unauthorized immigration firm/person if a fee will or has been charge fee for their services. Contact Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada and ask to speak with the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi, and I will be glad to assist you in the process of obtaining your Canada Study Permit.