Canada Immigration Law (the act)

Canada Immigration Law “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act”.

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the Act) was established also to set the laws that can increase the contribution and  development of Canada’s economy overall. It also help Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada to unify with their family members who are not yet Canadian citizens or Permanent residents of Canada via the Canada Family Class Immigration as well as to acknowledge the International Humanitarian Laws that Canada has contributed a lot to it since the time of its excitement as a nation.

It is worth mentioning that Canada Immigration Law is considered one of the most complex laws of Canada because it is so complicated and it gets updated more frequently and rapidly. Although it is not an obligation to hire an immigration expert to help you completing Canada Immigration Application on behalf of the applicant; It may sound good to the average person to think that he/she can start applying right away and submit their Canada Immigration Application without determining his/her eligibility carefully or without consulting and seeking assistance from an immigration expert in this field such as a Canadian Authorized Immigration Representative.

However, in reality you are in fact risking the future of your life in your application for immigration to Canada. If you did not choose the appropriate immigration program that applies to you personally or if there were error, mistakes or missing information then you are risking that your application may be delayed, returned or refused. As a result of that, not only you will lose the Canadian Government Processing Fees that you have paid but also you will be wasting the Canada Immigration Processing Time which is a precious time of your life. That means wasting long years of waiting, so that is why we recommend you hire an expert in the immigration law and that you request the Canada Personal Immigration Consultation before you actually decide to start Canada immigration process.