Studying in Canada 2017


Studying in a Canadian College or University

  • Do you want to study in a Canada Schools such as University or College or other educational institutions?
  • Do you want to continue your higher education in a world class education system and obtain a reputable credentials?
  • Do you you have the financial ability to cover your educational and living expenses during your study in Canada?
  • Are you able to provide acceptance letter from a Canadian University or College or other educational institutions?
  • Do you want to study in Canada and perhaps find a suitable job at the same time?

If you answer was yes to all of the questions mentioned above then the you may be able to apply for studying in Canada with the Canadian embassy for a Canada temporary Visa.

Any one who is interested in studying in Canada should apply for Canada Study Permit in Case if he or she is planning to studying for longer than 6 months in Canada in one of the Canadian Universities or Colleges. Some people who held certain nationalities are required also to apply for a Canada Student Visa so they can entre Canada. 

Some applicants might be required also to undergo a medical examination and also security and background check. Furthermore, applicants should obtain acceptance letters from the Canadian University, College or other institutions if they are interested to study in Canada. If the applicant granted a study permit then he or she might be able to apply for Canada Work Permit during his or her studying permit.