Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business

Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business

Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business

Why choosing Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business?

The Government of Ontario has signed an agreement with the Federal Government, to select and nominate qualified business people who are capable of making investments. Nominees are eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Once those business people have established their business in Ontario, that will not only create the possibility of new jobs for Canadians and Permanent residents of Canada, but it will also contribute to the general economy of Ontario.

Investments made must be of significant importance to Ontario, and must create jobs for Ontarians. New investments and expansions to current operations are eligible. Investments need to meet the following eligibility guidelines that have been set by the Ontario Government:

  • The investment must receive an official endorsement from another Ontario ministry at the Deputy Minister level, the number of key positions must also be requested.
  • The investment amount should be no less than $3,000,000 Canadian dollars.
  • The investment must create at least 5 permanent full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Ontario.
  • The investment has to also comply with Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). This federal law excludes individuals from provincial nomination who:

1.    ​Are nominated due to capital provision, or

2.    Are engaged in an “Immigration-linked Investment Scheme”.

Also, in order to qualify for the Ontario provincial nomination, individual investors must meet all of the following four additional eligibility criteria as required by federal law:

  • You must have an active and ongoing role in the management of the business
  • You must control, or prospectively control, at least 33.334% of the business equity, or make a minimum $1 million (Canadian dollars) investment in the business
  • Not have the option of redeeming the investment after a specified period
  • Invest the capital in the business not for the primary purpose of deriving interest, dividends, or capital gains.

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