New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP
New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP


Why you should choose New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business?

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP was created when the Government of New Brunswick has signed an agreement with the Federal Government to select and nominate qualified business people who may then apply for permanent residency in Canada. Once those business people have established their business in New Brunswick, that may not only create jobs for Canadians and Permanent residents in Canada, but it will also contribute to the economy of New Brunswick by in large.

[box title=”Note:” box_color=”#4b798b”]The Government of New Brunswick will no longer accept new applicants to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Business Stream. This pause will remain in effect until further notice[/box]

In order to qualify for this immigration program, you must:

  • Be between 22-55 years old
  • Complete an exploratory visit to New Brunswick.
  • Have sufficient funds to finance the planned business venture, as well as be financially capable of supporting yourself (and your family) for a period of up to two years;
  • Have previous management experience as a senior executive and/or business owner;
  • Be involved in the day-to-day management of your business;
  • Have an approved business plan or create a business proposal;
  • Must make a refundable security deposit of $75,000.00 Canadian dollars prior to nomination;
  • Be able to speak English and/or French, and if not, be prepared to take intensive language classes prior to being nominated, and;
  • Score no less than 50 points on the self-assessment test(age, language ability, education, adaptability and management experience).

Below you will find a chart that will describe to you what are the factors and points on the self-assessment test:

Maximum Points Selection Criteria
10 Age
15 English/French Languages
18 Education
25 Adaptability
25 Management Experience
93 Total


Contact Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada today if you want to know more about how to apply for Canada Immigration under New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program PNP for Business. If you are an Entrepreneur and you think that you may be eligible for this program and you would like to live in New Brunswick, we encourage you to contact our Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada and speak with the Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi who would be glad to talk to and assist you with your endeavours