Canadian Provinces Information

Canadian Provinces Information

The flags of the Canadian Provinces

You will learn new information about the Canadian Provinces in this article. We have to mention first that one of the important things that attract immigrants to Canada is its geography. Canada is considered as the second largest country in the world with a land mass of more than 9 million square kilometers. It has more than 100 historical sites and national parks. Aside from these, the country only has 3 territories and 10 provinces. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, it is important that you educate yourself about these Canadian provinces so that you can better decide where in the country you want to settle.

10 Provinces of Canada

  • Alberta

Together with Canada provinces Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Alberta is one of the Prairie Provinces in the country. The southern part of the province features a very fertile soil, flat plains, and grasslands that are primarily used in farming.  It is also the leading producer of beef cattle in Canada.

  • British Columbia

British Columbia is situated in the West Coast of Canada and has the most profitable forestry industry in the country. It is said the around 35,000 immigrants arrive in the province every year. In fact, a large portion of the population of Vancouver and the province as a whole is composed of immigrants. This can be attributed to the good quality of life in the province.

  • Manitoba

People living in this region are primarily engaged in manufacturing, agriculture, and mining. The unemployment rate in Manitoba is way below the national average. The region also offers employment programs to its immigrants.

  • New Brunswick

Despite being the sole constitutionally bilingual region in Canada, majority of the population of the province is English speakers. Along with other Canadian provinces, New Brunswick offers world class education that attracts international students.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

The province is known for being very welcoming to immigrants. It encourages them to bring their skills and assets in the province.

  • Nova Scotia

The province boasts a rich heritage, diverse culture, and beautiful sceneries. It also recognizes the contributions made by immigrants in its culture, economy, and society.

  • Ontario

This Canadian province is known for being the most popular destination for immigrants. Its residents are among those who earn the highest income in the country. It also has agencies and non-profit organizations that help new immigrants settle in the province.

  • Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, which is being regarded as the Garden Province, has low costs of living. In fact, the average families in the island can afford to have a comfortable life.

  • Quebec

With its around 7,600,000 population, Quebec is the largest province among the Canadian provinces. Aside from having a highly diversified and industrialized economy, the province also has some of the most affordable Canada housing.

  • Saskatchewan

The province is being referred as the sunniest province in Canada. Its high standard of living attracts thousands of immigrants every year. As part of its effort to attract more immigrants, the province has launched the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.


Other 3 Canada Territories are:

  • Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is enriched with so many geological resources such as gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum.

  • Yukon Territory

Yukon is famous by its own cultural and sporting events that attract people who have artistic background to participate in these events. Also, the territory attracts tourists from all around the world. Yukon is also famous by its own breathtaking wildlife and beautiful nature.

  • Nunavut Territory

Nunavut Territory is considered the largest in area of the provinces and territories of Canada and has many economic activities such as but not limited to: mining, tourism, fishing, and hunting and trapping.


These Canadian provinces have their own unique features that are helpful not just to their residents but on newcomers and immigrants as well. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada but does not know where to settle, it would help if you consult a Canadian immigration firm. This firm will help you determine if you are qualified to obtain permanent residence status and live in a certain province. Moreover, a Canadian immigration firm can also help you in accomplishing all the papers and requirements needed to Start Canada immigration Process. It would also help if you have a detailed and interactive Canada map to give you an overview of its landform, climate, and population.

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