Canada Start-up Visa

Canada Start-Up Visa

Canada Start-up Visa

Before you decide to know the needed documents, it would be a good option to know what Canada Start-Up Visa is all about. Canada Start-Up Visa allows immigrant businesspersons to establish an innovative business which would create multiple jobs in Canada. It connects immigrant businesspersons with different private sectors in Canada which have experience in start-ups and could provide necessary resources.

Requirements to Get Canada Start-Up Visa

Letter of Support

This letter is given to applicants by venture capital fund or designated angel investor groups. Once the Venture Capital Fund or the Designated Angel Group is convinced to invest in your business idea then the letter of support will be issued for you.

Language Requirements

Language is one of the requirements to get Canada Start-Up Visa. You must be able to work and communicate in French or English as this can help you operate your business in Canada. You should also prove that you have abilities in communicating in French or English by speaking, listening, writing, and reading and by meeting the minimum level of CLB 5. If you don’t meet these language requirements, your application will be rejected.

Education Requirements

When applying for a Canada Start-Up Visa, you should provide documents that would serve as your proof of education. You must have completed a minimum of 1 year of a post-secondary education and you should have been in a good standing while you were attending post-secondary education. Your proof may be in a form of diploma, certificate, and transcripts.

Sufficient Settlement Funds

You have to bear in mind that the government of Canada won’t provide you financial support. You should prove that you have enough cash to support your business. You must also have money to support your cost of living. The amount of cash you need for your financial support may depend on your family members. There is a required amount of money you need once you consider getting a Canada Start-Up Visa. But, you need to remember that this amount may change as it is updated yearly.

Now that, you know the requirements of getting a Canada Start-Up Visa, here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy.

  • Operate your business legally;
  • Obtain a permanent residence status in Canada;
  • Be connected with experienced private sector groups who can provide you with all the essential resources; and
  • Live in Canada without worrying about anything that may interrupt your business operation.

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