Work in Canada FAQs

Work in Canada FAQs

Work in Canada FAQs


Work in Canada FAQs

Work in Canada FAQs page will help you find answers to your Canadian immigration questions. We have been asked the below questions and we tried to answer all of those general questions in this page. If you don’t find your question here then do not hesitate to contact our firm directly and we will be glad to answer any Work in Canada FAQs that you may have.

Question: Can Smartways to Canada obtains for me an employment contract from a Canadian company?

Answer: We are a firm that is specialized in Canada immigration law only and can help apply for any Canada Immigration Programs and we are not an employment agency. However, we have made a webpage called Canada Jobs where you will find links for websites that will help you search for a job in Canada. You can contact Canadian employers directly without the need to seek assistance from Employment Agencies and by doing that, you not only going to connect with employers directly but you are going to save the money that you would have pay it for the employment agency that it may going to find you work in Canada.


Question: How can Smartways to Canada help me with my work in Canada application?

Answer: We can represent you officially with your Canada work permit application at the Canadian embassy in your country of citizenship or residence. Also we can help you completing your work in Canada application in a very accurate and organize way. Furthermore, in case you have been asked to attend an interview with an immigration officer at the Canadian embassy then we will prepare you for that interview which will increase your chances of success. The Canadian immigration authorizes has the sole discretion to decide on you application for work in Canada. If you from a country that require to obtain Visa to Canada then we will help you with your application for Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that you may need on top of the word permit.


Question: I have contacted Canadian employer and the employer is willing to provide me with an employment contract, so is this enough to enable me to apply for Canada work permit and legally work in Canada?

Answer: No. The employment contract alone is not enough to enable you to work in Canada legally. If you wanted to work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker then this company should contact Human Resources and Development Canada (HRSDC) and apply for Labour Market Opinion (LMO). Once the company provide you with the LMO then we want you to send a copy of it so we can start working on your Canada work permit application and represent you officially with the Canadian embassy in your home country or country of residence. Professionals, traders, investors and business people coming to Canada to work under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may not need to apply for LMO however, they must comply with the general provisions on temporary entry to Canada.


Question: If you helped me obtaining my Canada work permit and I after I came and worked in Canada then can you help me change my immigration status and apply for Canada Permanent Residence?

Answer: Yes. If you have worked in Canada for at least 12 months full time and paid work in one of the selected jobs then you may be able to apply for permanent residency status under the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.


Question: If I came to Canada as a temporary resident worker then can I bring my family (spouse and children) to live with me legally?

Answer: Yes. If you come to Canada as a holder of a Canada work permit then you may be able to bring your spouse or children to live with you while you are working in Canada. However, that can be done if you meet certain requirements set by the Canadian immigration authorities.


Question: If I came to Canada as a temporary resident worker then can my spouse be able to work in Canada as well?

Answer: Yes. We can help your spouse apply for an open Canada work permit. An open Canada work permit means that she can work at any job your spouse wants with any employer and not restricted to one employer as it might be in your case for example.


Question: What is the processing time for Canada work permit with the Canadian embassy?

Answer: Canada immigration processing time can vary as it depends on the country that you are applying from which is usually your country of citizenship or residence and also depends on the number of immigration officers working at the Canadian embassy overseas. Some times you may be asked to provide additional documents or even attend an interview with a Canadian immigration officer so all of these factors can in fact add processing time to your application for work permit. Usually it takes 2 months to process these type of application but that is not firm as it can change based on the facts that we have mentioned and other things as well. This is one of main Work in Canada FAQs that we have been asked all the time.


Question: What is the Canadian government processing fees for my work permit application and to my Canada visa?

Answer: You can learn about Canadian government fees for Canada Work Permit and for the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) from here – Canadian Government Processing Fees


Question: How do you calculate you professional fees that i will be paying you to help me in my application?

Answer: You can learn about the how the professional fees for (Smartways to Canada) is calculated from here – Immigration Professional Fees.


Question: How can I give an authorization to represent me officially with the Canadian Embassy in my country for a work permit by helping me gathering all the supporting documents and represent me officially?

Answer: You may want to send an email that contains a copy of your passport with and a proof of residency (if applicable) with your complete mailing address writing in English so we can prepare and draft a Retainer Agreement that we want you to read and sign and then sent it back to us by email or fax. Also, we will request you to pay for our professional immigration fees and once you have provided us with all of these things then we can start working on your application for Canada Work Permit.


Note: If you couldn’t find the Work in Canada FAQs that you are looking for then contact Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada today and we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.




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