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Study English or French Language in Canada

English and French languages are the two official languages of Canada. The English is considered as a universal language while French is being regarded as a romantic language. Being able to speak both languages has multiple benefits.

Individuals who are yet to receive their Permanent Resident status in Canada should make sure that they learn to speak both French and English languages. In fact, learning these languages is one of the most important skills that they should learn in order to better adapt to their new life in Canada. Moreover, they will also have better career opportunities if they are fluent in speaking both languages.

For those who want to Study English or French Language in Canada, there are several private schools, universities, and community colleges in the county that offer English language courses. Moreover, some of these institutions are also offering programs for those who want to study French language in Canada. These schools use their own techniques and strategies for teaching French and English. They also differ in the tuition fee that they charge to individuals who want to enroll in their language course. In this regard, it is important that individuals explore other options to make sure that they found a school that will teach them to learn French or English language in affordable prices.

Aside from immigrants, international students also flock to Canada to enroll in various schools in the country that are offering courses to Study English or French Language in Canada. Over the years, Canada has already earned its reputation for being one of the best destinations that offer quality training in both languages. The country is also among the most popular host nation for international students.

Non-citizens and immigrants who do not have their Canada permanent resident visa yet but plan to study English or French language in Canada can apply for a Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if needed. Prior to that they should received the acceptance letter from the language school they plan to study. Moreover, they also need to apply for a Canada Study Permit if they are studying English language in Canada for more than 6 months. The same rule applies for studying French language.

An immigration firm such as Canada Immigration Firm Smartways to Canada can help individuals find the right Canada Schools. Most importantly as well, we will represent the students officially with the Canadian Embassy abroad and even help them prepare their application on time.

Application for Canada Study Permit usually costs CAD $125 only and that is payable to the Canadian government. The processing of the applications, which is being done by the Canadian Embassy abroad, depends on the country where you are applying from, usually It takes about 28 days. Upon the completion of their studies in an accredited school in Canada, international students who are enrolled in a post-secondary education or higher in any eligible Canada schools are given the opportunity to apply for a Canada Work Permit. Moreover, they will also be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada once they have gained a year of work-related experience in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program.

Canada is probably one of the best places to Study English or French Language in Canada. However, there are certain requirements that non-residents or non-citizens have to fulfill in order to legally study in the country. It would be better if they consult an immigration firm to help them accomplish the requirement and apply for Canada Study Permit.


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