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How to Immigrate to Canada

How to immigrate to Canada now

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First of all, you have to know that there are many ways to Immigrate to Canada and not only one way. Canada Immigration is divided into two legal ways:

  • There are Canada Immigration direct ways to immigrate to Canada, and;
  • There are Canada immigration indirect ways to immigrate to Canada.

If you are not eligible for Canada Immigrate directly then you may going to be able to seek other Canada Immigration indirect ways to Immigrate to Canada and eventually obtain Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

Once you become Permanent Resident of Canada and after residing in Canada for 3 years then you may be able to apply for Canadian citizenship and become Canadian citizen. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the federal department that is responsible on issuing Canada permanent residence visa and Canadian citizenship.

Let us help you make your dream of Immigrating to Canada become true. We will help through the process of completing your Canada immigration application forms as well as gathering your supporting documents in a very precise and accurate way so you can get the best possible results in your Canada immigration application. Before you apply for Canada Immigration direct ways then we advice you to let us assess your eligibility first. If you are qualify then we can apply for you on your behalf if your retain our service. If you are not eligible at the moment then we highly recommend that you get the Canada Personal Immigration Consultation that will help you identify what is the best other legal ways that are available to you.

You can complete one of the assessments below and send it to us so we can evaluate your eligibility for Canada immigration.

If you are a Business Person then you can complete the following form:

If you are a Skilled Worker then you can complete the following form:





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