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FREE General Immigration Consultation to Canada

FREE General Immigration Consultation to Canada

The Free General Immigration Consultation basically is a general consultation about immigration to Canada about Canada Immigration Programs. This type of consultation can provide you with information about the requirements and conditions of Canadian immigration programs which typically are available on our website.

The are many people who wants to immigrate to Canada interested in talking to a Canadian Authorized Immigration Representative who is recognized by the Canadian government to represent applicants for a fee such as the Regulated Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi and that is to learn the main general requirements to immigrate to Canada. There are many ways to get this type of consultation via the following ways:

  • Contact our immigration firm directly and ask to speak to Mr. Ali Shafi;
  • Send us an email which contacts general questions so we can answer them;
  • Talk to us on Skype when we are available online.

What to expect from Free General Immigration Consultation?

During your Free General Immigration Consultation, you should expect that the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to:

  • Answer all your general questions that you have about Canada immigration;
  • Provide you with general information about Canadian Immigration process;
  • Help you plan an immigration strategy that will help you succeed in your case;
  • Guide you to how you can book Canada personal immigration consultation;
  • Direct you to the links of the immigration programs on our website.

What NOT to expect from Free General Immigration Consultation?

During your Free General Immigration Consultation, the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC):

  • Cannot provide you with immigration advice
  • Cannot answer your personal or case specific questions;
  • Cannot review your immigration applications for completeness or accuracy; and
  • Cannot provide you with instructions or advice on how to fill or complete any immigration applications.

The Free General Immigration Consultation does NOT establish a Consultant-Client Relationship

We would love to accept you as a client for our Canadian immigration firm. It would be our pleasure to handle your Canadian immigration case. However, you do not become a clients of us if:

  • You took a Free General Immigration Consultation;
  • You did not hire us officially and that is by signing our (Retainer Agreement).

If you decided to retain us and once we have accepted to take your Canada immigration case, then we would ask you to sign our Retainer Agreement. The main purpose of this consultation is to provide you with general information and answer your general questions and it will not by any means establish a consultant-client relationship.

How can I get a Personal Immigration Advice about my specific case?

If you want us to answer you case specific questions and provide you with an immigration advice then you can book a Canada Personal Immigration Consultation and that is after completing its form and pay its fees.


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