Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!

Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!

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Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!

What is Immigration Fraud Scam?

Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!. An immigration fraud scam is a way to fool those who want to immigrate to Canada in their immigration applications that may not represent the true Canada Immigration Programs. Therefore, do not be a victim of immigration fraud. Usually scammers paint for you an easy and wonderful image on how to immigrate to Canada and by doing that they are in fact, playing on your desires to immigrate to Canada and start a new life.

Who are those “Scammers” targeting?

Unscrupulous consultants and scammers do cheat target everyone who has the dream to immigrate to Canada. They can be anyone who works under the table and most of the time claiming that they are expert in the immigration law without having any credentials and license from the government of Canada. Bogus ads promising amazing results can be found many places, including:

  • Local newspapers overseas;
  • Websites;
  • Flayers and all other advertising tools;
  • Unsolicited email;
  • Face to face;
  • Direct mail

They may claim falsely that the can sell you the Canadian citizenship or provide you with a fraudulent documents to added to your immigration application to the Canadian immigration authority so your application can be accepted.

They also target people who have not been accepted by Canadian immigration authorities such as, refused visa applicants and other rejected or new immigration applications.

Be Aware! Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!

Recognize the “Red Flags” and use your gut instinct

The following claims are often used in scams:

  • Buy a Job Offer from Canada
  • Buy a Canadian Citizenship
  • Guaranteed Visa to Canada
  • Buy a Canadian Passport
  • !00% acceptance guaranteed
  • Approved Immigration Application (Guaranteed)
  • Buy a Canadian immigration Visa or Visa to Canada


Relying on fake and unscrupulous consultants, agents and scammers can lead to serious legal consequences such as but not limited to: Not being able to entre Canada for a certain period of time, being deported from Canada, being fined and being lied criminal charges so do not be a victim of immigration fraud.


If an advertisement promised to get guaranteed acceptance to any of Canada Immigration programs, it’s probably a scam. [pullquote align=”right”]BE SMART AND FOLLOW THE SMART WAYS[/pullquote]No one can guarantee for you that you will be accepted in your Canada Immigration Process because the Canadian Immigration authorities are the one only one who can do so.

If that person is claiming that he or she is an authorized immigration representative then ask to verify and check his/her license and make sure that this person is still in a good standing the with the immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council ICCRC or with any  law society here in Canada.


Never give out personal information including your Credit Card number in exchange for a free offer and be careful to not to share your personal information with anyone especially if your are not sure if that person or the company is legit. Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!


The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act makes it a crime for anyone that is not a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, a provincial or territorial bar, or Quebec notaries to advise, represent or consult clients on immigration matters before the Government of Canada for a fee.

The above legislation is making it an offense for anyone other than an authorized immigration consultant, lawyer, and other representative to conduct business for a fee with the Canadian immigration authorities at an immigration application.

Also, you should know that Immigration officers are also trained to detect immigration fraud while going through immigration applications so don’t be a victim of immigration fraud. Only people who play by the rules and follow the law will eventually be successful in their Canada immigration status and that is in the long and short term so do not be a victim of immigration fraud.

Start Canada Immigration Process today and book for a Canada Immigration Personal Consultation so you can speak directly with the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi so he can discuss your personal circumstances and provide you with immigration advice that suits your current situation and answer all your personal questions. Do not be a victim of Immigration Fraud!. You can retain the Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi officially and that is by signing on our Retainer Agreement that will protect your rights and ours in a very accurate and organize manner so we can work on your file as soon as possible.