Choosing the Best Immigration Representative

Licensed Consultants

The Authorized Immigration Representative is recognized by the provincial, territorial and federal governments of Canada to represent applicants in their immigration applications for a fee.

We Have Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)

This might be the first time that you plan to seek help from a Authorized immigration representative or might be not, but you have to know that the representative will help you submit your application on your behalf to the immigration authority for a fee.

The representative will also help you understand the laws and regulations surrounding your specific case and will complete and review your application prior of submission.

Furthermore, he will prepare you very well in case if you are requested to attend an interview with the immigration officials.

Hiring a representative for a fee is a good thing but you have to make sure that the following are applicable to your representative:

First, your representative should be a licensed Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC), lawyer or notarie from Quebec.

Second, your representative is competent and knowledgeable in the same type of application that you want him to represent you with. For example, if you want to apply for business immigration then it is better to hire a representative who has previous experience in business immigration applications.

Lastly, you should feel comfortable and you know that he honest and believes in your case and not solely just for collecting his professional fees.