Canada Permanent Resident Card

Canada Permanent Resident Card

Canada Permanent Resident Card
Canada Permanent Resident Card


Applying for Canada Permanent Resident Card

Canada Permanent Resident Card (PRC) serves as a proof that an individual has officially become an official permanent resident of Canada. It is one of the most important documents that are being asked to permanent residents who want to travel outside of Canada and return to the county through a commercial carrier.  Basically, Canada permanent resident card is issued for a 5-year period. However, there are also cases wherein a PR card is only issued for a year.

There are several processes that you have to undertake if you plan to obtain Canadian permanent residency such as:

  • Determine Your Eligibility to Apply for a PR Card

The thing that you have to do when applying for a PR card is to determine if you are eligible for one. Generally, skilled workers or those individuals with work experience, language skills, and appropriate education who have landed in Canada are eligible to apply for a Canada permanent resident card. However, in order for you to qualify as a skilled worker in the country, you must also meet the criteria set by the county when it comes to your educational credentials, adaptability, age, language skills, and arranged employment in the country. Other immigrants who have landed in Canada already under any of Canada immigration programs are eligible to apply for PR card as well.

  • Apply for a Permanent Resident Card

If you are immigrating to Canada, you are not usually required to apply for a PR card since it is already part of the Canada immigration process to issue you the card after your first arrival in the country. However, if you have obtained your Canadian permanent residency status prior to the introduction of the PR card in 2002, you can still apply for your first PR card.

When applying, you may be asked to present several documents such as a copy of your travel document or passport, photographs, and other documents that can prove your identity. You also have the option to apply for a PR card in an urgent basis. You must also understand that there are certain Canadian government processing fees that are associated with this application.

  • Check the Processing Time and the Status of the Application

Upon completion of the application and all the requirements needed, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will sent you a letter or mail informing you where and when you will get your permanent resident card. The processing time for a Canada Permanent Resident Card normally lasts around for 2 months for new PR card and around 3 months for renewal, initial cards, and replacement of a PR card. This processing time is just an average and differs from a case to case.

When you have a Canada permanent resident card, you can already prove your status as a Canadian permanent resident. By being a permanent resident you have the right to:

  • Work, study, and live anywhere the country
  • Be eligible for Canadian citizenship
  • Be protected under the Canadian law
  • Receive most of the benefits that are received by citizens of Canada
  • Have health care coverage

There are several benefits that you can receive when you obtain a Canada Permanent Residency status. However, it is important that you meet all the requirements and documents needed.

To save you time and money, it is advisable that you hire the service of an immigration firm that has the knowledge and experience in completing your application for Canadian permanent resident card and  help you gather all the needed documents and represent you officially in your application. Contact Canada immigration firm Smartways to Canada so you can retain Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi today.