Canada Immigration FAQs

Canada Immigration FAQs Page

Canada Immigration FAQs page will help you find answers to your Canadian immigration questions. We have been asked the below questions and we tried to answer all of those general questions in this page. If you don’t find your question here then do not hesitate to contact our firm directly and we will be glad to answer any Canada Immigration FAQs that you may have.


Q: How can I immigrate to Canada?

A: There are many ways to immigrate to Canada. Check the Canada Immigration Programs section to learn more about the various ways to Immigrate to Canada that can meet your current situation.


Q: How much is the Canadian Government Processing Fees for Canada Immigration Programs?

A: If you want to learn about the Canadian Government Processing Fees for all Canada Immigration Programs then you can click here.


Q: How can I immigrate to Canada as a business person?

A: There are two Immigration Programs that you can apply under to immigrate to Canada as a Business Person:

First is the Federal Business Immigration Programs such as:

Second is the Provincial Nominee Programs PNP for Business such as:

Business persons applying for any Canada Immigration Business Programs should prove their ability to become economically established and support the development of the Canadian economy before they are given Permanent Resident Status in Canada. If you have any Canada Immigration FAQs related to the provincial nominee program for business then don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Note: The Province of Quebec has its own immigration programs.


Q: How much is Canada Immigration Application will cost me?

A: There are two types of fees involved:

  1. About the Government of Canada’s (Application Processing Fees): These fees are charged by at the time of processing the immigration application and the fees depend on the type of the immigration application and the number of applicants involved such as spouse and number of children …etc.
  2. About our immigration firm’s (Professional Fees): Our Immigration Professional Fees calculated based on the complicity of your immigration case and the number of the applicants and how much time we will invest in your application. The best possible time to discuss with you our total fees to help you with your application is at the time of the “Immigration Consultation”. Also, we will state the total cost in the “Retainer Agreement” between you and us before you sign and we start working on your file.


Q: How can I get a Personal Advice for my Canada Immigration Case?

A: Hello, If you do have case specific questions or if you want us to evaluate your case in you (personal current situation) then you may need to book an Canada Personal Immigration Consultation which is for a fee and speak directly to the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Ali Shafi. He will be glade to talk to you and assist you in achieving your goal. We wish you all the best.


Note: We will be adding more Canada Immigration FAQs to this page with the time. Generally we keep adding in this section all the questions that we think that we have been asked they will benefit others too. As a reminder if you didn’t find your Canada Immigration FAQs here then do not hesitate to contact our firm and we will be glad to answer any Canada Immigration FAQs that you may have.