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By: Ali Shafi 

Many people from all over the world are eager to immigrate to Canada because this country offers economic opportunity and political stability. There is much about life in Canada that makes it a very desirable destination. The people who live here are very friendly and helpful. In recent years, Canada has welcomed many thousands of new immigrant families from all over the world. As a result, the population of Canada has changed very rapidly and now includes immigrants from many lands.

In addition to appreciating the very stable economy and democratic governmental system, there are many others aspects of life in Canada that immigrants appreciate. Immigrants appreciate the fact that their children can go to excellent public schools from Grade One until they finish high school. Canada also has an excellent universal public health system that covers everybody in the country. The legal system is fair and just. There are many high paying jobs in many sectors. Much of the population is highly educated.

You probably know that Canada is a very, very large country in terms of its land size. However, most of the population lives fairly close to the US border. There are vast expanses of wilderness that still cover great portions of the country. However, the cities and towns in Canada have very high levels of services making life in Canada very comfortable.

Life in Canada often includes a lot of nature. You will be thrilled to see the real beauty of Canada when you leave the cities and spend time travelling through the wilderness areas. There are literally hundreds of thousands of rivers and lakes throughout the country. Much of the land is covered with forests. Areas such as the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls attract many visitors every year to view their spectacular natural beauty. Canadians love the outdoors and particularly enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and boating. Even those who live in a large city such as Toronto or Vancouver will find it easy to escape the city and be in the presence of a beautiful natural wilderness just a few miles away.

In the past, many immigrants chose to settle in Canada’s major cities, especially Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. In fact, Toronto is often said to be the most multi-cultural city in the world. However today you will find that immigrants have settled in many smaller centers as well. Canadians welcome immigrants because they help to boost the economy and they are making Canada a very interesting place to live. Immigrants enjoy their life in Canada because they often have opportunities that were not available to them in their homelands.

There are two official languages in Canada, French and English. Because Canada officially promotes multi-culturalism, immigrants are encouraged to keep their own language and beliefs even as they adapt to the Canadian lifestyle. If you are looking for a safe and prosperous place to emigrate, Canada is an excellent choice. You will really enjoy life in Canada because you will still be able to practice your own beliefs and speak your own language even as you get used to the Canadian lifestyle.