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Information About Canada Housing

One of the most important things that you should consider when planning to immigrate to Canada is the place where you will live. For your own sake and for the sake of your family, it is important that you choose a place that is comfortable Canada Housing that has a friendly neighborhood. However, the types of housing that are available in the county vary from province to province. This will make finding the perfect place to live more difficult.

The first step that you need to do to find the right Canada housing is to identify the types of houses in the county. These include:

  • Basement Apartment

This type of Canada housing is ideal for individuals who are looking for place to stay temporarily especially those who just arrived in the country. To maintain the privacy of the tenants, most basement apartments have their own separate entrance, heating system, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Detached and Semi-Detached House

A single-detached house is a type of Canada housing that does not have common walls with other residential property. It can be a single-storey house or a large mansion. On the other hand, a semi-detached house is usually a 2 single-family houses that are joined together by a common wall.

  • High-rise Apartments and Condominiums

This Canada houses are commonly found in various Canadian cities where land cost is high. High-rise apartments usually feature security systems, elevators, recreation facilities, and laundry facilities. These Canadian housing also boast efficient heating, plumbing, and electrical system. This is probably the best type of housing for you if you want to live comfortably.

  • Rooming House

If you are just looking for a place to stay for a week or a month, this type of housing is right for you. Tenants of the room usually share the same kitchen and bathroom.

  • Townhouses

Townhouses, which are also known as row houses, are usually two-story dwellings that are joined by common walls. These Canadian houses can be for rent or private townhouses.

Each Canada house and home has its own unique features. It is important that you weigh your options before buying a house or renting an apartment in Canada. It is also advisable that you chose a Canada housing the suits your needs and budget.

The prices of apartments and houses in Canada depend on the location and the number of dwellings available as well as on the employment and economic condition of the town or city where you plan to settle. Below you will find general information about the prices of Canada housing and should not be considered as a guide but only for educational purposes:

  • The average price of condominium unit in Toronto, Ontario is around $400 per square feet. Meanwhile, the average sale price of this type of housing across the country is around $350,000.
  • The average price of houses in various Canadian cities such as Fredericton, Montreal, and Vancouver range around from $175,000 to $650,000.
  • The average price of houses in Canadian provinces range around from $150,000 to $490,000
  • When it comes to rental housing, then the average price of 2-bedroom rental is approximately around $850 per month.

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