Canada Group of Five Sponsorship FAQs

What is the Group of Five Sponsorship means?

The group of five sponsorship is a government immigration program that was established to help people who flee their homelands for reasons such as wars, persecutions and killing. Those people are looking for a safe place like Canada to start a new life away from the danger of torture, risk to their life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

The refugee should have at least 5 Canadian sponsors who has Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada who are able to sponsor those refugees. Those sponsors can be friends, family members or any other people who are willing to sponsor the refugees financially and emotionally.

What are the main requirements that the sponsors should have to be eligible to sponsor?

The Canadian sponsors should be at least 18 years of age and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and should neither have an immigration loan that is still needs to be repaid to the government nor be in default in any previous sponsorship. Furthermore, they should live in the same community where the refugees are planning to reside and should agree to sponsor the refugees for a period of at least 12 months.

How many Canadian sponsors are required and what is their responsibility?

Under this type of sponsorship, there should be at least 3 Canadian sponsors out of 5 who can prove to the Canadian government that they are financially able to sponsor the refugee and that is by showing proof such as “Notice of Assessments ” or any other evidence that shows they have enough income to sponsor the refugees for at least 12 months.

The other 2 sponsors or more can be an emotional sponsors which means they will help in guiding and assisting the sponsored persons emotionally e.g: finding a home or opening a new bank accounts …etc.

What are the requirements that the refugees should meet before their application for Canada Groups of Five Sponsorship is submitted?

The sponsored refugees should proof to the Canadian Government that they are facing a serious risk to their lives if they are returned to their home country and be recognized refugees by UNHCR or by a state and provide a proof of that. Also, they should pass a “medical examination” that is done by a designated doctor and “Security Clearance” that will be conducted by the Canadian Embassy that is responsible on their current country of residence.

Can you help me with private community sponsorship or Constituent Groups?

No. We can only help you under the G5 of Five Sponsorship and not the community sponsorship.

Can the sponsorship cost be deposited into a bank account in Canada and used for the sponsorship?

The Canadian sponsors may establish a trust fund for the sponsorship but may not accept or require payment of funds from the refugees for submitting a sponsorship. 

When Canadian sponsors are obliged to pay money to the Refugees?

The financial support of Canadian sponsors is given on the basis of need only. However, refugees are expected to contribute to their own settlement costs from funds they bring to Canada or earn during their sponsorship period.

I am not eligible to immigrate to Canada and I have no risk to my life so can I use this program to come to Canada?

No. The Groups of Five Sponsorship program does not apply to everyone but only for eligible people who meets the definition of refugees under Canada Immigration Law. Having been said that, this program should not be misused and taken as a way to immigrate to Canada.

If we felt or realized that the refugees or their Canadian sponsors have engaged in any fraudulent activities related to the Canada Groups of Five Sponsorship then we have the right to withdraw our services from the file immediately without refunding any fees that have been paid to us. We are boned by strict Canadian code of ethics and professional obligations.

What if the Canadian government has discovered fraudulent information or documents?

If the fraudulent act has been discovered by the Canadian immigration authority committed by the refugees or their sponsors in Canada Groups of Five Sponsorship application then the government will impose strict penalties on the refugees or their sponsors or on both.

You have to understand that Canada puts too much value for credibility and will not tolerate any abuse to Canada Immigration Law related to Canada Group of Five Sponsorship or to any other Canadian Immigration Programs.

I have more questions about this program, what should I do?

If you have more questions about Canada Group or Five Sponsorship then we encourage you to book a private paid consultation with us or you can visit the Frequently asked questions page to find more answers.